Polar Bear Style Black White Chiffon Roses Lace Two-Piece Dress

Christmas Party: Chiffon Roses and Lace Two-Piece Dress

There was a Christmas party I went to recently and despite still not being at my best, I decided to wear my new dress. I like the two piece trend for evening dresses because I feel like that can create very interesting combinations and it doesn’t hurt to show a sliver of skin when most…

Polar Bear Style Winter Nails Birds Pines Snowflakes French Manicure China Glaze Top Base Coat

Winter Nails: Birds and Pines and Snowflakes French Manicure

I was finally in the mood for a wintery manicure with the holidays coming up. Snowflakes were an obvious choice and worked really nicely with the white in the French tip decals I chose. This is more of an understated look, but I really like how it came out and I feel that it is…

Polar Bear Style Navy Jagged French Nails Foils Black Bird Decals China Glaze Top Base Coat

Birds: Navy French Manicure with Foils and Black Birds

Birds are an image I really enjoy. I would wear the pattern a lot more in my clothing if I could find suitable items, but alas…This is another French manicure; though this one I drew with a jagged edge to add some visual interest. I also applied foils in a few random areas of the…

Holiday Dressing: My Picks for Holiday Party Dresses

Since we’ve come to the time of various holiday gatherings and parties, I decided to compile a list of some of my current favorite dresses for these events. There are dresses of various degrees of dressiness, formality and affordability so I hope you find something useful. They’re sorted by current price from low to high,…

Polar Bear Style Black French Nails Black Cherry Blossom Decals China Glaze Top Base Coat

Black Nails: Black French Manicure with Black Cherry Blossoms

This time I decided to go with a simpler more elegant look. I also drew the French free-handed with the nail polish brush itself (not the most precise way to do it, but definitely the quickest). In the name of previously mentioned elegance and simplicity I matched my black tips to black cherry blossom decals….