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Polar Bear Style Red Roses Black Lace Nails

Roses and Lace: Red Roses and Black Lace Nails

This was the manicure I decided to go with when we went for a Marilyn Manson concert (it works for Valentine’s Day too I think and it looks like that’s what I’m going to end up with on the day). I planned to wear red, black or burgundy (I’ll post what I wore a bit…

Polar Bear Style Black White Chiffon Roses Lace Two-Piece Dress

Christmas Party: Chiffon Roses and Lace Two-Piece Dress

There was a Christmas party I went to recently and despite still not being at my best, I decided to wear my new dress. I like the two piece trend for evening dresses because I feel like that can create very interesting combinations and it doesn’t hurt to show a sliver of skin when most…

Polar Bear Style Lace Fringe Black Kimono Floral Top Jean Shorts Lace Tights Crystal Sneakers

Unbelievable: Shorts, Floral, Crystal Shoes and a Lace Kimono

I actually find it shocking that the weather still allows me to get away with an outfit like this and that there are still days when the sun is shining and actually feels warm on my skin. There is still so much green outside. Some trees are painted in their fall colors already, yes, and…

Polar Bear Style Lace Top Tan Shearling Jacket White Leather Choker Dark Denim Suede Booties

Down We Go: Jeans, Choker and Tan Shearling

The temperature is playing the game so common for this time of year; the one where it drops by 20 degrees in 24 hours only to jump back up once you’ve decided to retire your summer clothes. Coupled with the wind chill, the official feels-like temperature was 4 degrees in the morning of this particular…