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Polar Bear Style Chambray Shirt Floral Choker Top Jean Shorts Lace Tights White Combat Boots

Beautiful Deception: Chambray, Lace and a Floral Choker Top

It is definitely getting colder and sunshine can be so deceptive at this time of year (or any time of year really since I’ve seen snowy days that were lit up beautifully while being utterly freezing). It does make for a cheerier mood though when the cold is accompanied not by gloom, but by brightness….

Polar Bear Style Plaid Shirt Metallic Top Floral Wrap Skirt Wide Belt Leather Jacket Spiked Combat Boots

Vineyards in Niagara: Floral, Leather, Plaid and Spikes

What could be better than spending the day in good company in gorgeous places (both new and previously visited) and topping it all off with your favorite treat? I spent the weekend day by visiting a winery followed by a visit to Niagara Falls and hanging out at my favorite bubble tea place (yum!). I’d…