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Polar Bear Style Red Roses Black Lace Nails

Roses and Lace: Red Roses and Black Lace Nails

This was the manicure I decided to go with when we went for a Marilyn Manson concert (it works for Valentine’s Day too I think and it looks like that’s what I’m going to end up with on the day). I planned to wear red, black or burgundy (I’ll post what I wore a bit…

Polar Bear Style Feather Decal Accent Nails China Glaze Top Base Coat

Feathery: Feather Decal Accent Nails

This one is really simple, but I figured I’d post it anyways. The feather decals didn’t apply as well as I’d hoped, but the idea came across anyways. I wanted to echo the colors of the decals with the polish on the other nails without matching too closely; hence the grey with blue, green and…

Polar Bear Style Winter Nails Birds Pines Snowflakes French Manicure China Glaze Top Base Coat

Winter Nails: Birds and Pines and Snowflakes French Manicure

I was finally in the mood for a wintery manicure with the holidays coming up. Snowflakes were an obvious choice and worked really nicely with the white in the French tip decals I chose. This is more of an understated look, but I really like how it came out and I feel that it is…

Polar Bear Style Navy Jagged French Nails Foils Black Bird Decals China Glaze Top Base Coat

Birds: Navy French Manicure with Foils and Black Birds

Birds are an image I really enjoy. I would wear the pattern a lot more in my clothing if I could find suitable items, but alas…This is another French manicure; though this one I drew with a jagged edge to add some visual interest. I also applied foils in a few random areas of the…

Polar Bear Style Black French Nails Black Cherry Blossom Decals China Glaze Top Base Coat

Black Nails: Black French Manicure with Black Cherry Blossoms

This time I decided to go with a simpler more elegant look. I also drew the French free-handed with the nail polish brush itself (not the most precise way to do it, but definitely the quickest). In the name of previously mentioned elegance and simplicity I matched my black tips to black cherry blossom decals….

Polar Bear Style Black White Nails Ladies Decals Floral butterfly Foils

Black and White: Black and White Nails with Decals and Foils

This time my manicure is made up of decals and foils. I really liked the look of the former (the ladies), but didn’t want a full manicure made up just of those. I wanted a little more variety I guess…Plus I had pretty new foils I wanted to try out. Foils are kind of like…

Polar Bear Style Floral White French Nails Black Leaves Decals China Glaze Top Base Coat

Another French Manicure: Floral French Nails with Black Leaves

I actually forgot to post this manicure until after I’d worn it for quite a while (oops). Floral French decals were used along with the same leaf decals I used last time (I really like them and they go so well with the French design, complimenting it rather than overwhelming it). I find white on…

Polar Bear Style Floral Crystal French Nails Decals China Glaze Top Base Coat

Matching: Floral Crystal French Nails

On average, I do my nails once a week or so (sometimes my manicure survives a rather impressive ten-fourteen days and sometimes it’s gone in five). In any case, since today is the day I decided to change it again, I thought I would show it to you guys. I always knew that this blog…