Hello! I’m Kathrin (short for Ekaterina).

I’ve often been told that my sense of style is unusual (at least when I can find my muse). People who are more traditional with their outfit choices have at times not been pleased (not because my outfit was offensive or too revealing/inappropriate, but just because they couldn’t understand it). I’m not going to lie and say that this didn’t bother me. I’m no stranger to self-esteem issues. But that’s alright because when I tried to dig down into what made me happy, I realized that the path to that lies in discovering who I really am. I’m still on that path and I haven’t quite reached my destination, but I am no longer aimlessly wandering around in the wilderness. Fashion inspires me to be who I really am and to be open about it. It’s an art form that is intensely personal and yet is all about sharing and connection. We wear the clothes that were lovingly designed and crafted by someone in a way that is special to us, thus giving the world a glimpse of who we are and who we aspire to be.

I often find myself browsing through fashion blogs and Pintrest and other people inspire me with their ideas and their unique styles. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog of this sort for years, but never quite developed enough courage to go through with it…until now. Sometimes, the best way to start something new that both thrills and terrifies you is to just jump in and go where the current takes you. So here I go…I hope the current takes me to inspire you to show the world who you are even if not everyone will understand. You see me and I believe in you. We are all connected. Thank you for reading. Be kind. Be you.