Fall Boots for All Occasions

Boots are probably the one type of shoe I wear more than any other. I kid you not; I actually often wear them on colder summer days too. But fall is truly the best time for boots of all kinds since it’s not too hot or too cold or too wet. Here are some of my new favorites below (some of which are currently on sale):



As you can see, they’re mostly flats since that’s what I wear most of the time (due to some physiological reasons, heels are usually way too painful), but I know some of you probably enjoy heels and there are plenty of gorgeous options so I added a few. I also started with the most basic and moved on to more statement footwear with the last few pairs embracing red as the new it-color for fall. These are a great way to inject red into your look.


Thank you for reading. Be kind. Be you.


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