Polar Bear Style Black French Nails Black Cherry Blossom Decals China Glaze Top Base Coat

Black Nails: Black French Manicure with Black Cherry Blossoms

This time I decided to go with a simpler more elegant look. I also drew the French free-handed with the nail polish brush itself (not the most precise way to do it, but definitely the quickest). In the name of previously mentioned elegance and simplicity I matched my black tips to black cherry blossom decals….

Polar Bear Style Black White Nails Ladies Decals Floral butterfly Foils

Black and White: Black and White Nails with Decals and Foils

This time my manicure is made up of decals and foils. I really liked the look of the former (the ladies), but didn’t want a full manicure made up just of those. I wanted a little more variety I guess…Plus I had pretty new foils I wanted to try out. Foils are kind of like…

Polar Bear Style Floral Ruffle Dress Fur Vest Beige Boots Gold Beige Statement Necklace

Fall Dress: Floral Dress, Fur Vest and Boots

Ah, I’m finally seeing some fall colors around where I live; better late than never. The lovely bright leaves almost make up for the shortening days and dropping temperature. There’s just something about seeing yellows, oranges and reds everywhere that brightens my mood.             I actually wore this dress in…

Fall Boots for All Occasions

Boots are probably the one type of shoe I wear more than any other. I kid you not; I actually often wear them on colder summer days too. But fall is truly the best time for boots of all kinds since it’s not too hot or too cold or too wet. Here are some of…