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Fall Trends and Basics and How to Wear Them

I wasn’t planning to add a list of my favorite items to shop for a while, but forever21 has an amazing 40% off sale for a few days and I just had to share some of my favorite items from there (though they are great even if not on sale). Here they are below as well as a bit about how I would style them. This is mostly made up of current trends and fall/winter basics (some of which can be worn year-round) since fall is quickly gaining on us.



1: Paisley pencil skirt; more interesting than a plain skirt, but still basic enough to go with everything and can take you through all the seasons

2: Blazer; another basic that will go with everything (can be used to elevate a graphic tee or a plain top or to top off dresses or blouses)

3: Black denim jacket; like the black blazer except instead of elevating a look, it adds instant coolness, but still goes with everything

4: Black choker; simple and dainty enough to add extra punch to any pattern and almost any neckline (I would wear it with dresses and patterned tops)

5: Cardigan; long enough to be cozy, the fringe adds a bohemian vibe and the half-sleeves allow you to show off the sleeves of whatever you wear underneath (I would wear this with bell-sleeve tops, lace long sleeve tops or long sleeve dresses)

6-7: Plaid/gingham; great for layering for both warmth and interest, has been a fall staple for a while but looks great in the summer and winter too (I would use this as a layering piece between a top and jacket or blazer in the fall and allow the collar to peek out from under a sweater in the winter)

8: Fluffy cropped sweater; great for warmth and comfort, I usually wear them with a pencil skirt (like the lace one at #1) or on top of dresses in the winter (I especially like them on top of slip dresses)

9: Hoody dress; a current trend that is extremely comfy and gives an effortless cool vibe, since this piece is longer and pattern-less, I would wear it with leggings (leather for a more elegant look and patterned ones such as floral in complementing or contrasting colors) perhaps with a complementary scarf

10: Long sweater; in case #9 is too trendy/sloppy for you, this is the perfect alternative to wear with those same leggings except since the color is so neutral, it can pretty much be worn with any pattern (will also look lovely with jeans)

11: Cutout Top; very trendy and sexy without going overboard (would be great with pencil skirts like #1)

12: Distressed cropped sweater; another trendy piece, comfortable, cool and would look great with high-waist skirts or over slip dresses


Thank you for reading. Be kind. Be you.


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